You Can Help

At Bayfront, we made a promise to the City of St. Petersburg and the entire community when we opened our Level II trauma center in the mid-1980’s. We promised that we would be there for you in your most desperate time of need. We’ve done that at our award-winning trauma center for the last 30 years.

We are taking the appropriate legal action, and we are also having discussions with various elected leaders to make sure they know how serious this is.

An application for a proposed trauma center at Northside Hospital was denied by the state department of health in May, but Northside is expected to reapply. We have taken the appropriate legal action to stop this, and have received a favorable ruling from the court. But we need to keep fighting and we need your help. Together, we can stand up to stop Northside and keep Bayfront’s Trauma Center strong.

Share Your Concerns

If you agree, we encourage you to share your concerns, below. We will make sure your comments get to the appropriate authorities.